WhatsApp: How to add music in the states?

WhatsApp can now install music in daily statuses

The instant messaging application is always making improvements to stand out with its service and functions, for example, from now on you will be able to set your statuses to music as you do on Instagram or Facebook. You want to know more? Here we will explain how to add music to the WhatsApp states that you usually upload. Now that it's part of Meta, […]

SEO: How and where to start?

You want to know more about SEO, how and where to start

You have probably heard this term, without really understanding what it is about. SEO is a word that is often used to talk about digital marketing and content positioning. To learn more about the subject, we will explain how and where to start applying it. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine [...]

Ferratum has loans of $5,000 pesos using the technology

The Mexican credit agency, Ferratum, has personal loans that are very easy to acquire using technology through its digital platform aimed at residents. The values range from $1,000 to $5,000 pesos with several days to pay the debt, which will be notified by e-mail or SMS. […]

Apps: Do you have any idea how to track a cell phone?

How to use apps to track a cell phone

Today everything is solved with smart devices, it seems that there is an application for everything, as well as locating people using only the phone number. If this is your case and you are interested, stay here to see the apps that manage to track a cell phone. However, we have to make it very clear that despite […]

What are the best apps to control diabetes?

People suffering from diabetes mellitus have to constantly regulate blood sugar levels, diet and lead a rigorous life full of care. Currently there are different apps to control diabetes at home with the aim of monitoring the disease. Some of the platforms have a […]

The 3 best apps to measure blood pressure

Did you know that through a smartphone or tablet you can measure your blood pressure without having to go to a hospital or outpatient clinic? From now on everything is possible from the screen of an electronic device following a step by step, for this reason, we have for you the 3 best apps for […]

Without leaving home get a loan online

Did you know that you can get money online without going to the bank? Well, from now on the Moneyman agency offers an online loan without having to leave home or stand in long lines during business hours. The amounts start from 1,500$ up to $5,000 Mexican pesos with terms to pay between 7 to 30 days as […]

Benefits of going to psychological therapy without shame

Attending a psychological therapy is a way to find answers, to know the root of our behavior and to improve the quality of life, although for many years they have stained the work of the professional in this area, for this reason, I bring some benefits of going to the psychologist. In the midst of this long and infinite quarantine, many people […]

“Flash recipes” to eat watching Netflix

It is time to become an expert in gastronomy, especially to prepare that meal that does not need many ingredients and is still delicious, even scrumptious. I will leave here some recipes that I will call super flash to eat while watching Netflix. The idea is actually to stay at home while everything happens, they discover […]