Strategies to Eliminate the Credit Card Fee

Smart Strategies to Eliminate the Annual Fee on Your Credit Card

No more paying fees, how about strategies to eliminate the annual credit card fee and organize your finances? Credit cards are popular financial tools that offer convenience and flexibility in purchases. However, many credit cards also come with an annual fee, which can result in a […]

Debit cards for cryptocurrencies

Debit cards for cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency debit cards are prepaid cards that are linked to a cryptocurrency wallet. Users can load their cards with cryptocurrencies and use them to make purchases online or in physical stores. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have gained ground as an alternative means of payment and a way of […]

Credit cards are an alternative way to get a quick loan.

Credit cards are an alternative way to obtain a loan

You have undoubtedly gone through an economic emergency and needed to acquire credit cards quickly, easily and efficiently. Of course, a personal loan is not an option due to the slow process, so the two most common financing methods in these cases are a credit card and a […]

How to use a credit card even with high interest rates

How to use a credit card even with high interest rates

A credit card is a form of financing that offers benefits such as taxes and other options. However, if used incorrectly it can become a problem. Currently the economy does not register the best indicators for the Colombian pocket, due to the growth of inflation and the increase in legal taxes to control the […]

Review these 7 tips to get your first credit card

Review these 7 tips to get your first credit card

Your first credit card can set you free. Convenience and options for you. Managing this responsibly can benefit your credit health. which is good for borrowing money in the future. Here's what first-time credit card users need to know. 1. Basic knowledge of credit cards […]

Finance: Best cards to buy online

A woman shopping with the best cards to buy online

Shopping online became a habit after all social chaos began due to the pandemic. However, it was a necessary change that technology needed for its development, since today there are several digital banks with the best cards to buy online with total security. It works for both physical stores […]

3 Virtual debit and credit cards you should know

We already know that the number of purchases online increased, especially with the arrival of the Coronavirus in the world. Virtual cards were the most immediate and efficient payment method, which is why we want to show you the 3 best virtual debit and credit cards that you should know. In general, the opening of such […]

Classic Biomax Credit Card

Banco de Bogotá is offering a credit card called Biomax Clásica

If you are looking for a financial product that is fast and effective in Colombia, you should know that Banco de Bogotá has that option. From now on you can request a virtual credit card from its official platform in a matter of minutes with a fee waiver for the first 3 months. The minimum income of the […]

Cheats: Get a limit increase with the bank

Tricks to get a limit increase with the bank

If you want an increase in your credit card limit, it is essential to be organized with your financial life. To do this, we ask you to follow some tricks that we leave on the list so that you can achieve it without wasting time or money. Having a credit card in your wallet or purse, while useful, requires a lot of discipline […]