Today everything is solved with smart devices, it seems that there is an application for everything, as well as locating people using only the phone number. If this is your case and you are interested, stay here to see the apps that manage to track a cell phone.

However, we have to make it very clear that despite the existence of this type of tools to find a personal or foreign object, we must respect the privacy of each person without going to extremes.

The reasons that we suggest to know the whereabouts of someone is when there is a endangered situation, a relative you haven't heard from for days, a friend who doesn't answer calls, for example.

Yes now you lost your cell phone or it was stolen, you need to be able to track your cell phone to be able to physically recover it and even be able to manage it remotely and if necessary.


To know the best Applications that are used for this type of activity, we have a series of recommendations that can help you at no cost.

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Ranking: Apps to track a cell phone

How to know the location of a mobile for free?

Different cell phone applications allow you to identify where a person's phone is located for free. Some of them are the ones we will show you below.

1.Google Account

It had to be in the first place of our ranking, because Google has a tool that allows you to accurately find the location of the mobile from anyone, if it wasn't that you lost your phone.

With the app you ask make it ring and/or erase its content from the internet so that intruders cannot see anything.

Upon entering the personal google account, It will ask you as security questions the mobile number, password with which the phone is linked and thus you can track the device.


The only disadvantage of this platform is that if it is turned off or without battery it will not be able to detect the phone or person location in this case.

2. Spyzie App

It is a solution of monitoring that is reliable for iOS and in turn is compatible for Android devices. You don't need to download any tracking app, just with the help of the iCloud ID of the person you want to spy on.

It is important to note that to use the spyzie service, the person must register an account before and so being able to spy on the monitored data of the device.

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Is digital phone application allows you to find friends and family just by having the number.

3. App “Lookout Security & Antivirus

This application provides complete protection. Its function is exclusive for mobile phones with Android operating system. It simply manages to protect against malicious viruses, track and know the location of who you want find through the cell phone of the person for free, without spending a penny for it.

It has a paid option that can be used in case of theft or loss, also you can lock your screen remotely and reset the phone whenever you want as a security option.

4.Cerberus app

One of the easiest applications to use due to its simple and intuitive interface for spying is called Cerberus, which, like other platforms, achieves locate by phone number to lost people.

The advantage that this app has and that the others do not have is that with Cerberus you can hear the ambient sound and access the call log of the person whose whereabouts you are so desperately wanting to know.

In addition to these basic options, it also allows you to take photos remotely, lock it and activate an alarm. Available for Android free.

5.Family Locator App

Family Locator was developed to create a private network between the family. Its objective is to know if any member has reached their destination or not, a super useful tool for parents with teenage children, for example.

Also, get a route tracking they have done.

According to users of the digital application, it is ideal for people who are used to traveling, people with Alzheimer's or senile dementia, and also young children of separated parents.

How to know where a person is by WhatsApp?

With WhatsApp it is possible share a location in real time with whoever you want and for as long as you want, although this option may not be very useful if what you want is to know where a person is without them finding out.

Therefore, it is the only solution thatinstant messaging application offered so far for free to more than 2 million people in more than 180 countries.

Although the methods and applications that we mention here are totally legal, tracking a cell phone can bring legal consequences.

Tell us the truth here, have you ever wanted to track someone's cell phone? If you tried any of the options, write your anecdote in the comments.

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