Did you know that through a smartphone or tablet Can blood pressure be measured without having to go to a hospital or outpatient clinic? From now on everything is possible from the screen of an electronic device following a step by step, for this reason, we have for you the 3 best apps to measure blood pressure in the comfort of home.

Reports with rdaily results, figures with the three constants after the measurement, as well as graphic and visual elements to easily interpret the data are one of the benefits that some apps have. You only have to put a finger on a sensor and press with greater or lesser force as indicated.

It is also possible set reminders and notifications, or share measurements and progress instantly.


The news mobile applications have greatly facilitated this task and allow blood pressure to be measured without a blood pressure monitor in the traditional way by means of a cuff on the arm.

Not only the patient benefits from the advantages of these applications, In the same way, the personnel of the health area, by avoiding hypertensive and unnecessary treatment, reduce the number of visits to the clinical consultations.

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Ranking of the best applications to measure blood pressure from the cell phone

1. Blood pressure

This digital application, Blood Pressure allows you to have a pressure control, save user personal data and track over time from its intuitive interface that allows you to more easily manipulate functions and customize according to your preferences.


It has interactive graphs and charts indicating heart rate and blood pressure in the arteries in the most popular formats such as CSV, XML or PDF.

You can share this information with other compatible devices. For example, sending the results to your GP so that he can find the best treatment to prevent or solve this disorder.

Where to download Blood Pressure?

If you want to download for free Blood pressure on your mobile phone click on this link.

2. The QardioArm app

Thousands of patients turn to the QardioArm app to measure blood pressure and heart rate reliably, since they comply with international validation protocols according to research carried out by the Complutense University of Madrid and Rey Juan Carlos.

For this reason, adult patients 48 to 56 years of age, non-pregnant and without cardiac arrhythmia or vascular problems can be certain that everything that the app instantly displays on the cell phone screens follows the standards of the European Society of Hypertension.

Where to download QardioArm?

If you want to download for free QardioArm on your mobile phone click on this link.

3. OMRON Connect, the app to monitor your blood pressure

The omron models They are used to measure pressure with Bluetooth technology, thus, they allow the transfer of patient data results to the Smartphone thanks to the OMRON Connect app that works with artificial intelligence. All you have to do is sync your Omron blood pressure monitor to your electronic device.

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The application allows you to share and save the measurement record of your pressure figures, as well as pulse and heart rate. Also, it gives you blood pressure and medication reminders. Other functions are the graphs with the variations of pressure taps, data export in Excel, sending by email, text messages or WhatsApp.

with this program it is possible to better manage your condition, because it is possible to share these results in a simple and practical way with relatives, caregivers and with your doctor.

Where to download OMRON Connect?

If you want to download for free OMRON Connect on your mobile phone click on this link.

4. Instant Heart Rate

If you want to see the heartbeat and know how your real time blood pressure on mobile screen, the application Instant Heart Rate It immediately detects the user/patient's pulse when it completely covers the cell phone's camera lens with its index finger, just like a pulse oximeter.

The procedure is simple as well as fast, since it detects slight changes in the color of the finger caused by its blood capillaries, which expand and contract with every heartbeat turning the results into graphs to later store in a file with personal data and even share on twitter and facebook.

Where to download Instant Heart Rate?

If you want to download for free Instant Heart Rate on your mobile phone click on this link.

Price: Free at Android and 1.99 $ in iOS

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