Innovative Bank that releases credit for students

Innovative Bank that releases credit for students

Many students hope to find an Innovative Bank that unlocks credit for students and promotes access to education. In a world where higher education has become an expensive investment and often unaffordable for many students. An innovative bank is changing the rules of the game. Aware of the challenges […]

Kueski Pay Bank

Kueski Pay Bank

Kueski Pay Bank is a Mexican online bank dedicated to offering online payment solutions. Its goal is to provide users with a safe, fast and easy-to-use experience in their online transactions. With Kueski Pay, users can make online payments at different online stores, […]

Quick credit online

Quick credit online

The Contextualization of the Financial Market in Mexico and the Growing Popularity of Fast Online Credit Services. The financial market in Mexico has experienced significant growth in recent years. The country has become a major financial center in Latin America, with a constantly expanding economy and a growing […]

3 Virtual debit and credit cards you should know

We already know that the number of purchases online increased, especially with the arrival of the Coronavirus in the world. Virtual cards were the most immediate and efficient payment method, which is why we want to show you the 3 best virtual debit and credit cards that you should know. In general, the opening of such […]

3 Virtual agencies that offer online credit

Virtual agencies offer online credit in a matter of 3 minutes

Requesting a personal loan today is a simple task, thanks to technological tools such as digital applications that speed up the process in cases of emergency. That is why we want you to know the 3 virtual agencies in Mexico that offer online credit. A new modality that offers credits with minimum rates, without requirements, without long […]

Is it necessary to have health insurance?

In our world today, having health insurance coverage can make all the difference in your care when needed. When you think about health, you definitely do not play and it is very important that you are already prepared and safe. Today we are going to explain a little about the importance and how it works and […]

Online credits without maintenance cost

Afluenta is a credit agency that offers Mexican residents online loans with no maintenance cost and benefits for second chances in the financial market. Within the digital platform of the entity you can choose the type of credit you will use, whether personal or commercial, in addition, it is necessary to select for what reason you require […]

Pezetita: 0% CAT loans without bureau or guarantee

The Mexican agency Pezetita offers free 0% online loans regardless of the credit bureau score that the client has to solve and help through any type of economic situation. The values start from $1,000 to $50,000 pesos with terms to return the money from 61 to 90 days. […]

MasterCard Black credit card issued from $15,000,000

The Itaú agency has a wide range of credit cards for its clients, however, it offers exclusive privileges through the MasterCard Black that can be requested online. The card is issued from $15,000,000 Colombian pesos. In addition, the first two periods have free handling fees and from the third […]

Complete the form and get a personal loan without paperwork

It will not be so difficult if what you are looking for is money to solve your finances at home, so the Spanish company, Plazo, allows the user from anywhere in the world to obtain a personal loan without paperwork by simply completing the form. You can request from €800 to €3,000 with deadlines to return the […]