Dance privileges that benefit body and mind

It is an exercise that has no age or time in the calendar, dancing even for those who do not know how to move their feet is one of the jobs suitable for the body and mind. Its positive benefits are diverse, since apparently it is a training that also influences self-esteem, […]

Health secrets: How to turn the house into a spa?

Your home should be a refuge after you arrive tired from work for long hours of a tedious routine. There are some health secrets that help turn the house into a spa in order to satisfy all needs. Intervention is often necessary, especially to enhance beauty with home remedies, […]

“Flash recipes” to eat watching Netflix

It is time to become an expert in gastronomy, especially to prepare that meal that does not need many ingredients and is still delicious, even scrumptious. I will leave here some recipes that I will call super flash to eat while watching Netflix. The idea is actually to stay at home while everything happens, they discover […]