It's about a exercise that has no age or season in the calendar, Dancing, even for those who do not know how to move their feet, is one of the most suitable trades for the body and the mind.

Its positive benefits are diverse, since apparently it is about a training that also influences self-esteem, relieves stress and considerably increases individual energy.

Plus, it's one of the easiest ways to contour muscles and stay active, well far from osteoporosis, by the way.


The same way, helps to socialize with other people while developing ear, rhythm, and coordination with musical sounds you may never have heard, but can be carried along.

Now, if you're in a group, the activity usually tends to be more creative and interesting.

No negative effect has yet been heard in this regard.

So don't be shy with what they will say, begins to move the skeleton that there is still time to venture out in life and experience new things. Maybe some tango, zumba, salsa casino classes are an excellent idea to revive the spirit.


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What are the privileges of the dance?


One of the best benefits of dancing is that with it you can lose all the weight you want without realizing it.

According to scientists it is possible burn between 200 to 400 calories, which is why this type of training is part of the planning of many gyms.

Flexibility, strength and resistance

These features apply when the person has experience, when he makes dancing a habit, a routine to improve aspects of health.

The dance itself helps to add skills and abilities with the aim of keeping the body free from injuries, thanks to its technical movements, continuity and great resistance created over time. 

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Correct bad posture

If you live in pain due to poor posture at work or lack of exercise, dancing is a phenomenal option to correct positions errors of the body, especially of the back.

Likewise, it requires taking a correct position with each of the movements to the rhythm of the compass.

Eliminate stress

The best thing about dancing is that it stimulates production of a hormone called endorphins, which helps with feelings of isolation, releases sex hormones, modulates appetite, strengthens the immune system, in conclusion it is a chemical effect that generates pleasure in people.

Also known as thethe drug of happiness that you can get with just 10 minutes of dancing.

Boost your self-esteem

Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, in addition, helps boost self-esteem to express all emotions in the best way.

Channel that kind of adrenalin It becomes so beneficial that it allows more fluid interpersonal communication.

Did you get here? So now you know what to add to your exercise routine to get off to a good start.

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