You home should be a haven after arriving tired from work during long hours of a tedious routine. There are some health secrets that help turn the house into a spa with the aim of satisfying all needs. 

The intervention It is often necessary, especially for enhance the beauty with home remedies, personal care and minutes of relaxation.

Who would not like to have one of these spaces at home?


In this way, you will avoid traveling to specific places where they often carry out the services separately, without counting on the waste of money that affects finances only for a few minutes of peace of mind.

For this reason, I will show some granny tricks and ways of doing things as simple as possible but at the same time effective.

The idea is to dedicate 1 to 3 hours approximately for pampering in private. The intimate moments that you will not forget because it will allow you to get out of the everyday and disconnect from the outside world.

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What should you do to turn the house into a spa and receive peace and harmony?

Take note of the most important notes to have an incredible spa and organize your home to receive peace and harmony completely.


Time is you who decide itDon't get hooked on anything.

1 – Phones Off

Although it seems absurd smartphones with their mobile applications they displaced many activities, such as those that could only be done in the store, bank or pharmacy, now they are carried out digitally with home delivery.

However, to have the best spa at home it is necessary turn off cell phones and leave them in a well-kept place, for at least a few hours.

Trust me you won't die for it.

2 – Relaxing music

Everyone knows that music is a complementary therapy that helps to relax and de-stress. But, not everyone has the same musical tastes, there are people who like to be more in natural places, for which sounds such as bird songs, wind and rain are ideal.

While others prefer soft sounds, far from the outside. In this case there are the most subtle rhythms to get carried away in the shower, the new massage and meditation room What will you have from now on?

3 – A good drink

serve yourself a glass of wine or natural infusion It is the only thing you need many times to relax your muscles, contemplate the landscape from the window of the home and think about what you should improve in your day to day, the other option is to stay blank (here it is not necessary to become so methodical).

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Make no mistake, it's just a little glass. If not, the objectives will not be carried out and you may even make mistakes, worsening the situation that perhaps you already had.

4 – Complete exfoliation

Include in your shower routine full exfoliation every week or every 15 days is an excellent plan to remove dead cells, feel fresher and lighter. The truth is that after passing the exfoliating creams or salts through the body, it feels as if a weight will be lifted off.

5 – Face mask

ultimate beauty secret that works for both men and women are the facial masks to obtain a skin with more luminosity and hydrated at the same time.

Remember that the face is the cover letter of each one of us. Do not forget no matter how lazy you are to keep a clean face.

What space in the house could you turn into a spa?

Allocate a small corner of the home for each activity with the necessary elements without having to spend so much money is not complicated at all, you just have to consider some tricks mentioned above for decoration.

Definitely the bathroom is one of the places where we spend several minutes and hours alone.

It is the moment where everyone concentrate on cleansing the body, what the temple means for many to leave behind disturbing ideas, problems and discomforts. It's like a teleporter which can be suitable to have the best trip.

But, if you are another type of person who prefers something outside the home, even better. It will be a VIP site for you and your family.

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