Seeing your wall painted in another color is incredible, especially if you don't spend money before doing the moving house or office. Now it is much easier to choose shades, according to your tastes and preferences through apps with which you can learn to simulate paintings for walls.

With these virtual painting apps We do not need to be design experts to choose the color that best matches and adapts to our spaces.

The smartphones will be able to grasp and recognize almost instantly the walls and the environment around you, creating a three-dimensional space.


With a simple touch you can start testing with the hundreds of colors that are available.

Remember that this is in real time, so you will not waste time processing some filters or editing some photos. personalize your own color palettes and have them on hand once you've saved them, speeding up any revisions you want to make.

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The best apps to simulate the wall painting of your new house


An app available for iOS users. count one varied color palette with different lighting levels, details, paint specifications, among other important information, especially if it is paint interiors of a house or office.


Home Harmony, is a virtual simulator practical and intuitive that includes objects on the spot. You can also border items present in the space you want to paint to have a more accurate visual of the environment you plan to remodel.

2. Project Color

excellent app for interior design, because it allows you to preview the painting from different angles and in a real way. One of the advantages of this platform is that it has three levels, where you can combine colors and achieve the ideal tone according to the space you want to modify.

It also offers an extensive chart with updated colors and fashionable.

Ideal for those who are dedicated to professional painting work, since it allows you to share the view of the works with the clients through email.

3. The Color Library

This interesting application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The only thing you need is to upload the photo of the room, facade or any other environment to see your wall painted another color.

Also, you have the option to try different colors displayed by the Montó brand according to the texture of the surface you are going to paint.

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You can see the functionality of this application in the final result of your work. virtual painting. It adapts to large outdoor spaces, also for small places and even for small objects.


ColorSmart offers a variety of pure colors, which allows you to experiment with derived colors using a wide range of light and dark tones. The application also acts as a painting advisor, since submit color suggestions based on your primary choice; so that the color you select is unique and original.

This application has a good reputation, it is easy to use and free.

5. ALBA and Bruguer Visualizer

If anything stands out from this smart app It is the use of technology when applying augmented reality. Of course, thanks to this technique you will be able to see your wall painted in another color in a real enough way.

It works very simply; once you select the space you want to paint, the program proceeds to scan it with your mobile; choose the color you want from the range offered by the app and that's it.

It adapts to different devices (Android, iPhone and iPad).

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