Today we will talk about a application for weighing won by photo, a way to avoid animal stress and make work easier.

The advancement of technology has played an important role in the transformation of various industries and agribusiness is no exception.

One of the latest innovations that has gained prominence is the development of applications that use artificial intelligence to weigh livestock using photographs.


Furthermore, this promising technology offers considerable benefits to farmers, simplifying processes and providing greater efficiency in herd management.

How photo weighing works

Therefore, the concept behind livestock weighing photography applications is simple, but the execution involves advanced technologies.

Typically, the process begins with the producer taking a photo of the animal using the app.

The artificial intelligence then analyzes specific characteristics, such as body conformation, size, and even the distribution of muscle mass.

This data is compared to pre-existing models trained on a wide variety of images of animals of different weights and breeds.


However, from this analysis, the app is able to provide an accurate estimate of the animal's weight.

This approach not only eliminates the need for traditional weighing methods such as scales, but can also be done non-intrusively, reducing stress on livestock.

Advantages for farmers

1. Operational efficiency

First of all, the main advantage of photo weighing applications is operational efficiency.

Farmers can save a lot of time and resources by eliminating the need to transport animals on a large scale.

In addition, the possibility of weighing in real time speeds up decision-making related to feeding, reproduction and herd management.

2. Reduce stress in animals

Secondly, traditional weighing can be stressful for livestock, causing aggressive behavior and even injuries.

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Therefore, with the non-intrusive approach of photo weighing applications, animal stress is greatly reduced, resulting in a healthier environment.

3. Accuracy of weight estimation

Third, the artificial intelligence algorithms used in these applications are based on a large amount of data, which contributes to the accuracy of weight estimates.

Furthermore, this precision is essential for making informed decisions in herd management.

Ethical challenges and considerations

However, despite the benefits, it is important to consider some challenges and ethical concerns associated with this technology.

Additionally, issues related to privacy, data security, and algorithm reliability must be addressed to ensure the acceptance and continued success of these applications.


In conclusion, the livestock weighing app by photo represents a promising innovation in the agricultural sector, offering substantial benefits to livestock farmers. The combination of operational efficiency, reduced animal stress and accuracy in weight estimates highlights the transformative potential of this technology. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, new applications may emerge that contribute to the modernization and improvement of agribusiness.

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