Application for Weighing Livestock by Photo

Application to weigh cattle by photo

Today we will talk about an application for weighing cattle by photo, a way to avoid animal stress and make work easier. The advancement of technology has played an important role in the transformation of various industries and agribusiness is no exception. One of the latest innovations that has gained prominence is the […]

Apps that show satellite maps of your city

Meet apps that show satellite kills of your city

Smartphones manage to automate services and processes in a simpler way. The idea is that the user can carry out activities in a matter of minutes without having to go through long lines or have an accident in the middle of traffic. There are some apps that show satellite maps of your city. Locate through virtual maps, […]

Simulate your haircut with APP

A woman shows how apps simulate haircuts

There are apps that can get you out of trouble, especially when you want to turn your life around. For example, checking how some style changes you have in mind for your hair would look on you would be an excellent idea. Meet 6 apps that simulate your haircut. Free apps can be of great help before […]

Applications to track and locate people

A man uses applications to track and locate people

The evolution of smartphones reached a level of intelligence thanks to the use of AI. And it is that technology manages with digital applications to track and locate people in a matter of minutes through an interactive map. Many are the parents who make a mobile device available to their children, for […]

Blood glucose monitoring apps

A woman using apps to monitor blood glucose

Anyone with diabetes knows that this disease requires a lot of care, and nothing beats the ease that technology provides. That is why we want to show you a list with the best applications to control blood glucose. You may not know it, but it is totally possible to measure blood glucose using a […]

Free app to turn photos into cartoons

Thanks to Snapchat's Cartoon 3D Style filter, this may be the best app to turn your photos into cartoons

A few months ago, a filter in which you transform your photo into a cartoon and look like an animated character went viral. For this reason, we want to show you several options so that you can choose the best app to convert photos into drawings and stay within this trend. Looking for the best app to turn photos into drawings Edit […]

Applications to manage your personal finances

"Personal Finance" is a phrase that should always be under surveillance, as it is an important factor that offers you economic and emotional stability. That's why we want to show you some digital applications to manage your personal finances. The classic paper and pencil method was left behind. Now, through technological platforms, you can automate accounts […]

3 Applications to view city maps via satellite

3 Digital applications to view city maps via satellite

If what you are looking for is to locate strategic points, you should know that there are 3 best applications to view maps of cities via satellite from a mobile with internet. For this reason, we want to tell you about our list of free apps. Smartphones automate various processes faster. Therefore, locate specific points and show on virtual maps, […]

metal detecting apps

Android has several apps to detect metal, for free

Tools for endless uses exist and best of all, you can have them through your Android mobile; in this case, we are talking about metal detector applications. Thanks to the magnetometer included in your cell phone, some digital applications manage to detect gold and metals without the need to use expensive and specific equipment for said mission. […]

Glucose monitor in the cell phone without punctures

A woman experiencing a prick-free cell phone glucose monitor

Diabetes is a widespread disease in the world due to the current habits in the lives of many people. For example, foods with excess sugar, calories, among others. That's why we want to introduce you to a virtual glucose monitor that works on your cell phone without punctures. Patients diagnosed with chronic diabetes need […]