One of the advantages of having a smartphone, is that it has the ability to convert as a remote control or remote control to operate the TV when it is away from you. That is why we want to mention some applications to understand how to control tv with mobile

To open apps, play movies or series, even to watch videos on YouTube or in general, it is possible to use your Smartphone as a tool that works with artificial intelligence and get manipulate any technological equipment.

Having to constantly spend money on batteries or remote controls because some part broke is a thing of the past. Now, control tv with mobile it's as simple as downloading some digital apps.


Remember that if your equipment is old, You will need to have infrared to work. The most modern ones have an Internet or Bluetooth connection.

Next, we present you a list with the 5 best apps to download for free and use wherever you want to be.

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The best applications that allow you to control the TV with your mobile

1.Android TV Remote Control

This app needs to be connected to the network WiFi of your Android TV to work, or you can also do it via Bluetooth, super simple and practical to use, without any complications.


In addition, it has a intuitive interface that allows you to choose between a touchpad or keyboard on the screen to be able to operate the TV remotely. It is even possible to perform a dynamic voice search, you just have to have a cell phone with Android operating system to start send commands.

2.Smart TV Remote Control

The only requirement that the application requires Smart TV Remote Control, is that you have to have a smart model so that you can pair both devices and connect to the same network. With this platform, you can also send multimedia files from your cell phone to the screen.

Count with one customer support service where you can communicate with developers directly to get answers to your concerns in real time. Any inconvenience you have at the moment can be resolved through the same platform.

3. Cetus Play

The Cetusplay app, works with a touch on the cell phone which can be easily controlled from Android TV box, Fire TV or Android TV.

If your cell phone model is not compatible with the platform, you can send a notification to the developers so that they add it and you can use Cetusplay as smart remote. In addition, it has several languages in your configuration.

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Also, it has an "acceleration ball" function that allows you to quickly clean the cache and garbage from the TV, share prints through social networks, among other benefits offered by its free version.

4. My remote controller

Most mobile devices accept my remote controller Y controls various household appliances, as well as tv, air, decoder, camera, DVD players, Bluerays, and much more. In a few words, with this application you don't have to limit yourself to just one service, it has many advantages.

In addition, it has a variety of protocols such as WiFi, infrared, and Bluetooth, being rated as one of the most useful and versatile apps.

5.AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote It is a quick and easy way to use the TV with mobile. It works both for smart TVs through a WiFi network, and for older models with infrared. Although it can be used for a variety of brands, it works best on SamsungAvr, Sharp Y panasonic.

It has many utilities to make use more comfortable, such as rearrange buttons or create macros to run multiple tasks with one touch.

if you update the version premium you will have access to more than one control at a time and you can make a backup of your information.

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