Any Mexican citizen or foreign resident in Mexico needs to have their Unique Population Registry Code to carry out various legal and daily procedures. For this reason, we want to teach you how to consult your CURP from your cell phone in a few steps.

In our if you We have prepared this article especially to show you how you can check your CURP from your cell phone or any device with Internet access.

Agility and speed online

Our daily activities are constantly evolving with the use of technology. For this reason, it is more common in many countries for public offices and citizen services to provide digital tools to access their services from the smartphone or computer.


In this way, crowds in public offices are avoided, also contributing to prevention and health care in these times of pandemic.

In this sense, the Government of Mexico has reassessed the need to offer these facilities to its citizens, especially with regard to the consultation of the CURP.

For this reason, it has provided simple interface mechanisms to access from the browser on your cell phone and obtain your Unique Population Registry Code.


Check your CURP

To consult your CURP quickly from your cell phone, you must go to the website where you will find the step by step for the corresponding search and download of your document.

Portal of the Government of Mexico to have online access to the data of the CURP.

Now, if it is your case that you do not even know what your CURP password is, you have the option of carrying out the search based on your personal data. To do this, you must fill out a form like the one shown below.

Form to consult your CURP from your personal data if you do not know the key number.

From there, the process is very intuitive and you only have to complete the download of the CURP to print it or, if you prefer, leave it saved on your cell phone.

What is the CURP for?

In our day to day there are many procedures in which it is necessary to present the Unique Registration Key.

To apply for a job, open a bank account, enroll children in daycare or school, you must present your CURP.

In the same way, some official procedures such as a passport application or a voter card also require the Unique Population Registry Code.

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In this sense, most citizens since childhood already have their CURP. However, some people, due to different circumstances, did not manage to have this document from an early age.

To obtain it, the citizen must make the request in the Public Registry closest to his residence presenting his birth certificate, the certificate of non-registration of the CURP and an official identification such as passport, professional certificate, identity card, IMSSS or government credential. ISSSTE.

If you do not have a birth certificate, you must present a certificate of Mexican nationality.

As for foreigners, they must have their immigration document, issued by the INM: either the D1 Diplomatic visa, the O1 and O4 Official visas or the S1 and S2 Service visas.

How is the CURP formed?

The Unique Population Registry Code is unique for each person and is a code made up of different elements that we mention below

We hope we have helped you so that from now on you can download your CURP on your cell phone and that of the whole family, so that everyone will have this important document within reach to carry out your legal procedures.