Applications to see your city by satellite

A person knows the 3 apps to see the city HD via satellite

Currently we have smartphones capable of automating processes and trips to any part of the world. Getting from one point to another is easier today. In this sense, we want to show you the 3 best apps to see the city in HD via satellite. Locate through virtual and interactive maps, places […]

online personal loans

Moneyman the Mexican entity that offers online personal loans

If you are looking for money, do not worry because today it is easy to get loans online. At Moneyman it is possible to request personal loans online from your mobile in a matter of minutes with 0% interest the first time. Whether using a digital application or virtual platform, the monetary capital you can receive the same […]

3 Virtual agencies that offer online credit

Virtual agencies offer online credit in a matter of 3 minutes

Requesting a personal loan today is a simple task, thanks to technological tools such as digital applications that speed up the process in cases of emergency. That is why we want you to know the 3 virtual agencies in Mexico that offer online credit. A new modality that offers credits with minimum rates, without requirements, without long […]

Apply for digital credit cards

A man in Mexico using totally free digital credit cards

The use of digital credit cards has gained considerable relevance internationally, since it has become a financial tool that provides greater security to Mexican users when making online transactions. That is why we want to show you how you should request digital credit cards from your cell phone. Through […]

ISR: Income tax in Mexico, what should you know?

ISR, income taxes in Mexico City

The Income Tax (ISR) is a tax on the profits you obtain in a period known as the fiscal year. Due to its importance, today we want to tell you everything you need to know about Income Tax in Mexico in detail. The ISR basically acts on the profits that increase […]

The 3 best free digital banks in Mexico

3 best digital banks in Mexico

Free digital banks are companies that carry out financial operations and exist through the network. They do not have a physical branch, so they do their transactions online through their own digital platforms. This modality offers various benefits compared to the traditional operations of physical banks. You can make use […]

CDMX App: Digital driving license

Digital driving license in Mexico

The Digital Agency for Public Innovation has launched App CDMX, a free mobile application available for IOS and Android, which concentrates access and service functions on a single platform. In this article we present how to issue a digital driver's license through the CDMX app. In said application it is […]

Internet: Best digital credit cards 

Get to know the best digital credit cards

Online purchases have increased in recent times due to their comfort, security and practicality, especially with the arrival of the pandemic that increased sales and purchases online. For this reason, we want to show you which are the digital credit cards most sought after by users. Virtual banks have increased from […]

Do you need a simple fixed-term personal loan?

The Scotiabank agency of the Aztec country in the midst of the pandemic is offering a simple and fixed-term personal loan during the entire period of validity, in which you will receive fast cash, without any inconvenience. This product can be used whenever you want and for whatever you want. It is not necessary to give explanations for [...]

Mexico: How to obtain a loan in draft?

The Mexican agency, Giro, has a special loan that is approved in minutes from its online platform with simple steps that you can detail throughout the information channel. If you want to understand more about how to obtain one of these products, continue reading. Within the official page there is a very intuitive virtual simulator for […]