The GPS incorporated in the devices that we use every day favors the development of new applications to track a cell phone, facilitating this process every day.

These apps will help you locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. Similarly, you can share your location in real time and know that of your relatives.

These are some of the advantages offered by new mobile technologies. And if you still don't know much about how to locate a cell phoneWe invite you to continue reading.

Applications to track a cell phone: choose the best one for you

Where's My Droid

Android users are very happy with the development of Wheres My Droid, an app that helps you find your phone when you don't know where it is.


Among its features we mention that it offers the GPS location of the device, activation of the phone's ringer, alert of the last location before the battery was discharged, among others.

In case your phone is stolen, the Pro version has additional security measures like remote device lock and photos with the device's camera to see who is using it.

And if you want to safeguard your data, you can also erase the phone memory and SD card. To test this application you can click on the image of the logo.


Another application to track a cell phone that we recommend for its features and functionality is Life360, developed as a family locator.

From this platform you can create a family circle to have access to the location of each person within the group in real time, prior authorization.


With this app, the privacy of the participants is not invaded, since each member accesses the location map if they accept the invitation.

On the other hand, Life360 is also helpful in tracking lost or stolen phones.

Additionally, it offers other functions such as chatting with the participants individually or collectively, receiving alerts when a participant arrives at their destination and a wide range of locations.

If you are interested in downloading Life360, you can do so by clicking on the logo.


On our list we have another family locator that works like a application to track a cell phone and know the location of that person.

This is Connected, whose operation is similar to the previous app. This means that when you sign up you can create a group and invite multiple participants, usually family and friends.

Each user must accept the invitation and thus authorizes sharing their location with the family group.

From then on, members of the group can be tracked for security and you can have one or more participants call you and locate your phone in case of loss or theft.

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phone tracker

If you need to track a call and know where in the world you are receiving it from, this number locator can work for you.

The tracker obtains the precise location of the mobile number, identified the city and area code through the GPS system.

With this option, you can also track your own phone if it was stolen or you just can't find it.

Of the other features of this app, we must talk about the call blocker. With it you can avoid unwanted and spam calls, since the software has access to your contact list and can make a division of allowed and unauthorized contacts.

Search iPhone & Android Mobile

When you lose your phone at home, for example, the first thing you do is ask whoever is with you to call you.

But, sometimes you have the phone on silent or vibrate and that search gets difficult. In those cases, cell phone tracker apps like this one will help you quickly.

Logically, you need a prior registration. Therefore, we recommend that you share this app with someone you trust so that they can track each other, in case of theft or loss of the cell phone.

To use it, you must install the app and create an account. Next, enter the phone number of the person you want to track.

Next, that person will receive a text message to authorize the use of their location.

Once you accept the request, the cell phone can be located when necessary by pressing a button.

If you want to know other applications and services to track a cell phone, we invite you to read this Article with interesting data from more platforms to help you in your search.

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