Do you want to have fun? we can taste cool apps to make you older with incredible high-quality results with a couple of touches on the screen of your cell phone. You don't have to pay a penny for it.

Transformations happen in a matter of seconds, literally, without the need to hire a professional editor or have advanced design knowledge. The app also manages to perform a scanner using artificial intelligence to perform an exact virtual transformation.

Also, it has various options, such as adding filters, changing hairstyle and color and lastly add tattoos. It also acts as a gender swap app.


Ranking: List of digital applications to age the face

1. Make me Old

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This application consists of virtual face modifications of any person through a facial scanner that detects facial features to show a face as if they were 30 years of age or older.

If you are interested in how your family and friends will look like, you can also share the results in the different networks social.

Some of the tools that Hazme Viejo offers are:


2. Aging cabin

Do you want to know what you will look like when you are older? Well, here we have the aging cabin, which will lead you to perform a time travel with all its advanced functions from its free version on the internet.

The application has a form fun to show results where instant faces age. This application also performs editions without the need for a connection, and allows you to view the "before and after" of the photographs.

Between his main features, the following are found:

3. Fantastic face

Is app it tries to show changes in the future, where it shows secrets behind the face. After scanning your face, make a report by following your facial features, send results with specific characteristics of an elderly person, such as: expression lines, blemishes, wrinkles, sagging skin, and much more.

Even more, you can perform interesting tests, get more information about which celebrity looks like you and have your palm read. Plus, it scans your palm and allows the app to read your lines to reveal your personality, destiny, and fortune.

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Between his most important features the following are found:

4. Face aging

Unlike the previous applications, this one specifically offers stickers or stickers to edit inside the image, at the same time, you can add text and change fonts, size, color, among other things.

Aging between 60 and 120 years It's never been easier than with the Face Aging app. When obtaining the results, you manage to save the edited images in the internal memory of your cell phone and share the best results through social networks.

some of his favorite features, are:

How does the aging app work?

The application of aging works by using artificial intelligence to create realistic transformations of users' faces using various filters and features.

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