Government offices constantly seek to improve their services to citizens, taking advantage of technologies and all the facilities of the Internet. For this reason, already it is possible to check your CURP on the cell phone with a few simple steps.

Keep reading until the end to learn how to do this process, since having the CURP at hand will facilitate many personal errands such as looking for a job, enrolling your children in school, applying for a passport, and others.

What is the Certificate of the Unique Population Registry Key?

In Mexico, all citizens must obtain their Unique Population Registry Code, which consists of an 18-digit alphanumeric code that individually registers each citizen residing in Mexico, natural or foreign.


Similarly, Mexicans residing outside the country also have access and the right to have a CURP.

CURP for Mexicans

What is the function of CURP?

The CURP is an individual identification instrument, necessary to carry out a wide variety of legal procedures in public offices.

This code fulfills the function of strengthening the legal status of people, strengthening the link between citizens and government institutions.


In this way, it seeks to facilitate the public procedures that citizens must carry out. Now, we show you a list of those documentations in which it is mandatory to have the CURP.

OfficesDocument type
Civil registrationBirth certificate, marriage, adoption, etc.
HealthVaccination record, medical record, identification, etc.
EducationSchool registration, proof and certificate of studies.
Works and provision of servicesJob application, individual registration, file, payroll, payment receipt, identification, etc.
Social SecurityIndividual retirement savings system account, file, identification, etc.
DevelopingIndividual registration, identification, etc.

Also, it is necessary to have the CURP certificate to process the passport, driver's license, military service card, INE credential, among others.

Now that you know how essential it is to have your CURP, in the following section we show you how to consult it online.

Do you need to check your CURP on your cell phone?

To check your CURP online, from your cell phone or computer, you must enter the site Check your CURP.

Then, you must enter your CURP password if you know it. But, if you don't know it, you can write your personal data to make the query.

When writing your data, avoid the use of accents, as the platform does not recognize special characters.
The third step is just to click on Search to see the data of your CURP. No, without first verifying the CAPTCHA in the lower right corner of the page.
Finally, the record will be ready to save it on your device or download it for printing, if you prefer to have it physical.

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How to do if I do not have CURP?

If you do not yet have your CURP, you must go to the Civil Registry office that is closest to your home.

For Mexicans who wish to obtain the CURP for the first time, it is necessary to bring the following documents.

Also, it is essential to present an official and valid identification document such as the identity card. Or if you prefer, you can bring your passport, voting card, card from the Social Security and Services Institute, among others.

For foreigners residing in the country, the CURP application is also made at the Civil Registry office, accompanied by the following requirements.

To process the CURP it is necessary to bring the original documents, with their respective copies.

We hope we have helped you with this information so that anyone can easily access their CURP certificate.

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