If you want to get into the fashion of aging your photos to post them on your social networks or you are curious about how you will look in a few decades, you can use different apps to look old in photos.

These are easy to use and allow you to edit your photos in a few steps to look like an old man.

Today we want to briefly talk about the most used in this category so that you can choose the one you like the most and start having fun making yourself old in the photos and aging your friends.


Meet the best applications to look old in photos

When doing a search in the application stores, we found some outstanding software for having thousands of downloads, as well as hundreds of positive reviews from its users. Here we show you what they are.

Face App

In recent years, FaceApp has become very popular due to the realism of its filters with which you can see your aged appearance in a few minutes.

This app developed by a Russian company uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to identify the facial features that characterize the user, deepening the wrinkles in those areas to show an aged appearance and maintain the closest possible resemblance to the person.

The popularity of this app increased when # was launched in July 2019FaceAppChallenge on the main social networks.

This challenge was joined by great public figures, such as artists, athletes, politicians and other popular culture personalities, causing great fury among their followers.


From there, millions of people were interested in downloading the application and use old age filter to know its appearance for future years.

When you download the app to your device, you'll notice that it has a simple interface, so you won't have any complications to start editing your photos.

Currently, some changes have been made to the app and the most used filters are now Pro, so you need to pay for a subscription. It is important that you take this into account when using the app.

FaceLab makes you look old in photos with artificial intelligence

Another of the best-known facial editors downloaded from application stores is FaceLab, whose old face filter offers a realistic finish to achieve that aged effect you are looking for.

But, not only can you age your photos, you can also rejuvenate yourself or turn into a cartoon. In short, there are many options you have to edit your selfies and group photos.

The HD resolution in the photo editions within this app contributes to the quality of the results in each filter used.

For this reason, FaceLab is a great alternative to the previous app to change your appearance and share with your friends and followers how you will look when you age.

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If you already want to use it, we offer you the option to download it for Android or iOS. You just have to consider that there are some Pro options to pay for fun filters, ad-free use and much more.

Look old in photos using stickers: have fun editing the photos

If you are not looking for a result as professional as the one offered by FaceApp and FaceLab, you can have fun editing your photos with aging stickers.

Clearly, the result is very funny and whether it is close to reality or not you will only know in several decades.

One such application is Old Face in Photo in which there is a gallery of stickers with wrinkles, beards and hairstyles of old women.

You can add all these stickers to your selfie and have fun seeing your wrinkled face and gray hair.

You can download this photo editor from here for Android.

With these suggestions you can have a good time having fun, editing your photos or those of your friends and sharing them on social networks.

And if you want you can print several of these versions of your "Old Self" so that in a few years you can compare and see which one was the most successful.

Finally, we would like to recommend that you take a walk through our Blog where you will find more interesting, fun and useful apps that will get you out of trouble.