The auctions in auctions became one of the preferred options for people who want to buy their first vehicle, whether it is new or used. Therefore, we are going to explain how you should buy a car or motorcycle in an auction sale made in Mexico.

although you can get good prices You must also be sure that the vehicle you are looking for has the papers in rules, such as the purchase-sale contract, Responsive letter with the last 5 paid tenures, among other documents that serve to carry out the traditional registration process.


within the various proposals offered by brands it is possible to find used units, with few kilometers and even to patent, already without guarantee; O well 0km, that have an official guarantee and are withdrawn at dealerships.

The time of delivery of the vehicle does not take more than 30 days, allowing the person to sell it in the same period to recover the money.


To participate you only need be attentive and know some tips that will help you perform the operation better, such as calculating the extra expenses that accompany it. It is a modality that is available every day of the year during the 24 hours on the SAE auction portal.

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How to buy a car in an auction?

To obtain a vehicle at a good price, it is advisable to acquire your first vehicle through an auction sale. The process can be face-to-face or virtual, here we will explain the step by step.

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1. Steps to buy in a face-to-face auction

For this reason, you must bear in mind that on the day the auction is taking place, all Proposals will be reviewed following internal parameters of the public institution of the government, discarding those that do not contain a legal position until choosing the most accurate.

2. Steps to buy in an online auction

Now let's talk about online auctions. It may be more of a hassle than attending an auction in person, however, it is a way to participate without leaving your comfort zone. The idea is to follow the same footsteps through a cell phone screen or tablets.

They can be both professionals and individuals who are selling new or used vehicles. The websites dedicated to this type of business are intermediaries that generally ask their users to comply with a series of requirements to be part of the platform.

What are the requirements to buy a car at auction?

Tips for buying a car at auction

  1. Meet the vendors: They can be banks and institutions, new or used car agencies or independent dealers with whom you must be very careful and inspect.
  2. Research the legal status of the unit before the auction: Knowing the origin of the vehicle in advance using the REPUVE digital application will be an advantage to know the history.
  3. Know the rules of the auction: Some institutions ask for specific requirements to participate and a fee that may or may not be returned.
  4. Inspect the car: Never, ever bid on a car that has not been driven before and whose maintenance status is unknown, such as mileage, owners, condition of tyres, fluids and engine.
  5. Expertise: It is advisable to have the vehicle inspected by a professional before bidding.

As you can see, buying a car or motorcycle at an auction does not require so much complexity or bureaucratic process. However, you must be aware of every move before selecting an ideal vehicle.