Are you curious to know what you will look like in a few years with gray hair and wrinkles on your face? The answer you're looking for is in an app, so you can use faceapp to look old editing your photos.

Although it was launched in 2017, FaceApp reached its success in 2019 when it became one of the most downloaded apps in recent years.

The face editor caused a stir among celebrities, politicians and society in general, as everyone wanted to use FaceApp to know how they would look when they grow old.


The app that aged us all: why so much anger about using FaceApp?

In July 2019, the FaceApp app had an improvement to its aging filter with advanced neural network technology, that is, an artificial intelligence photo editing.

But the app developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab wanted to confirm that the new filter worked with realistic results and for that it needed to go viral.

This is how the # label became popularFaceAppChallenge on social networks and almost everyone joined the challenge to show their photos edited with FaceApp.

The challenge became a Trending Topic on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Politicians, athletes, artists and public figures joined the challenge and published their faces with a few years on them.

How to use FaceApp?

This is a tool with an intuitive interface, which is available for free and which not only allows you to age your photos.


With it you can also edit your selfies to look younger, change gender and even ethnicity. All this for entertainment purposes.

If you want to use FaceApp to look older, we describe in simple steps what you should do:

  1. Download the app for Android either iOS
  2. open the app
  3. Select the photo you want to edit
  4. You can select more than one face if it is a group photo
  5. Choose the age filter
  6. Select Age

Clever! Now you can see your old photo, share it with your friends on social networks or leave it saved in your gallery.

Now, as we already mentioned, there are many functions that this app has, so you can have fun trying out the different filters.

We remind you that this is a free app, however it contains a pack of filters and features available only in the Pro version.

And if, on the other hand, instead of looking older you want to correct wrinkles and expression lines in your selfies, you can use the youth filter in this app or check this Article.

Your privacy at risk by using FaceApp

One of the aspects that generated controversy when this application went viral was the privacy policies, that is, those terms in very small letters that millions of users accepted without reading what they said.

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Many security experts have warned that FaceApp's terms of use give the app access to your online activities.

This means that the application with access to your gallery can also collect data about your online visits, browsing data, among others, to deliver them to service providers.

Similarly, it has access to your device data such as model, brand, software version, etc.

Consequently, there was a sector of users who felt mistrust, especially when it was speculated that as a Russian company, FaceApp could use your data for political purposes.

Entertainment VS Security

Undoubtedly, FaceApp reopened the debate that has also been going on for many years about the privacy policies of Facebook and other social networks.

Well, in them we free access to our information because they are the conditions to be able to use these platforms.

In this sense, we overlap our entertainment with the security of our data on mobile devices.

However, in our current society of trends, fashions and technology, everyone wants to be part of what is trending.

For this reason, the discussion of privacy and data protection always remains in the background or third plane for users.