Every year we have the opportunity to change our look in general, many times part of the head to the feet. Since we know this, we are going to show you the best applications to simulate different haircuts without paying anything.

Are we going to see each other well? is the first question that appears when we want to take risks, because we are always insecure about whether or not we are really prepared for radical changes.


However, to save you worry there are artificial intelligence apps that can give you a boost through a simulator with which you can try various hairstyles, change the color of hair and makeup according to your profile.

You will continue to look amazing! And for that, I brought you 3 applications that will help you make the simulations you want from haircuts. 

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Ranking: Applications to simulate different haircuts

1.Hair Style

With more than 80 types of modern haircuts, also offers different colors to play with its tonality and hit the most radical change of look that you have faced.


Is application is aimed at a female audience, so you will not find characteristic men's hair styles. However, you can experiment, perhaps you will find your favorite hairstyle.

To start the only thing you have to take a selfie of yourself or choose a photograph from your cell phone image gallery to start with the changes of the new year.

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Between his main features are the following:


If you want to see your face with multiple haircuts, Hair Zapp is the ideal application that has a wide catalog of the most realistic hair styles, in this way, you will be able to see how you are going to look when you leave the salon. 

If you are still in doubt, you can share your photo by social networks, and receive the opinion of your friends to make your decision.

Between his main features the following are found:

3. Style My Hair Pro

The flagship application of L'Oréal, is a beauty assistant which has all the looks of the season ready for you. Therefore, deciding on your new hair color will be easier within the digital platform, and if there is one you like, you just have to write down the name.

With name, code and a photograph of your favourite, your stylist will be able to get to work and you will be sure that your hair will be the same.

Between his featured features is it so:

Now that you have three wonderful apps, I hope you have fun and help find the perfect time to visit your stylist.