In the midst of a pandemic, together with the daily routine, several factors are exposed that can generate anxiety, in the worst case a anxiety tachycardia that only develops by not knowing manage emotions as it should be.

The truth is that this health problem is a call for attention that can trigger a series of difficulties both physical and psychological.

However, although this lasts a few minutes, the sensation is very similar to that of a heart attack According to the people who suffer from it, then it disappears as if nothing had happened. Therefore, it is important Learn to recognize the symptoms.


Controlling this type of anxiety is not so easy.

It is necessary to remain calm in the midst of the whirlwind because it is a response created before a stimulus specifically that it can cause the hormones and substances released to develop a state of stress to increase the blood pressure. 

It is estimated that between 5% and 11% of the population suffers from this problem.


“Anxiety is necessary to survive in small doses”

Tachycardia and anxiety

When the heart rate is very high, it turns out that the heart is unable to pump oxygen to the rest of the body and that is where that acceleration begins with palpitations above 70 per minute, shortness of breath, vertigo, dizziness, chest pain, weakness and finally fainting.

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A sense of danger which produces a state of nervousness due to the main signs during the attack.

Anxiety is a problem that, if not treated or controlled in time, could cause physiological changes and risks for various pathologies.

What to do before an anxiety attack?

All this will not disappear until you level your emotions, for this it is important to be clear about what is happening until get control.

a resting position, slow deep breathing a pleasant image in your thoughts or remembering a kind person you know for several minutes in your mind can recreate positive situations.

At the end of the entire episode, doctors usually recommend a balanced diet as always in addition to the magnesium in the food. Reducing the consumption of coffee or caffeine, alcohol and tobacco is the best antidote to combat this condition.

Other recommendations to act during tachycardia caused by anxiety

Now that you know what to do when a anxiety attack, it is advisable to always be aware of the symptoms and learn to control emotions.

Go to a doctor for more information about it.

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