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When using our cell phone all day, downloading data, browsing the Internet or saving images, its memory becomes saturated, slowing down the operating system. It is because of that clean the cell phone regularly it is a way to keep the device in optimal conditions.

Here are some applications specially designed to maintain your device.

What are the best apps to clean the cell phone?

Here we show you the most recommended applications in app stores for their operation and intuitive interfaces to improve the performance of your Android device.

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Nox Cleaner 2022: App to clean cache

Use Nox Cleaner It is convenient to clean phone cache, remove junk files and speed up RAM memory.

With these actions you will free up space on your device and maintain optimal performance when running applications.

On the other hand, Nox Cleaner deletes those apps that you don't use and that are only taking up storage space.

Similarly, analyze your images to better manage the gallery, protect your data in applications and avoid excessive battery consumption.

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KeepClean, the Kaspersky app to clean your cell phone

In the search for the best apps to clean the cell phone and Android devices we found KeepClean, an antivirus that optimizes RAM memory, cleans cache and junk files from memory, as well as providing more protection.

By using this app your device will improve its performance, background apps will be deactivated so that your computer does not overheat.

On the other hand, the cleaner detects duplicate files to free up storage space and speed up performance by emptying RAM.

All these functions of Keep Clean have the support and security of Kaspersky, the international company specialized in cyber security.

Best of all, the privacy policies and terms for using this app do not use your personal data, so your data will not be violated or provided to third parties.

CCleaner – Mobile Cleaner, Optimizer

Known as a cleaning software for computers, CCleaner now it is available as a mobile cleaner to optimize the operating system of your cell phone.

CCleaner cleaning consists of removing duplicate and junk files to free up storage space.

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It also cleans your clipboard, browsing history, and cached apps. For its part, the task terminator is used to stop running activities.

We also highlight the Hibernation function of this app that prevents apps from running in the background, so that they are only activated manually, saving RAM and battery.

One Booster – Junk Remover on your Phone

Residual files take up space on your phone and slow it down. To avoid this situation you can use One Booster, a speed booster that eliminates junk files, app cache and other data that saturates the phone's memory.

In addition, One Booster offers you a free antivirus, certified by TRUSTLOOK, that protects your data and your device from Trojan viruses. Its function is to analyze all the apps to block and eliminate any malware on your cell phone.

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Among the most outstanding features of One Boster we have the design of its interface, so that any user can carry out a cleaning on their cell phone without complications.

Likewise, this software keeps your personal data protected, since its privacy policy does not allow you to share your information with third parties.

Like these apps, you can find many others just as efficient and well valued. We wanted to show you the most popular according to the criteria of our users.

If you liked this information and want to know about more applications for your cell phone, whether they are functional, for entertainment or to consult public information, you can visit our if you. We are sure that you will find more useful information about technology, applications, health and much more.