Hey Banco is a new Spanish digital bank that seeks to revolutionize the way people bank. This bank is completely digital and is designed to offer its customers a simple, fast and secure banking experience.

Which makes that The bank be unique is its focus on transparency and simplicity. Instead of offering a large number of complex financial products, Hey Banco focuses on offering only the essentials: a checking account and a debit card.

This means that customers of The bank they don't have to worry by the intricacies of traditional financial products and can focus on what really matters: managing your money effectively.

Hey Banco is also distinguished by its commitment to security. All customer data is protected by


state-of-the-art security measures and all transactions are carried out securely and encrypted.

Also, the bank offers an intuitive mobile application that allows customers to bank at any time and place. From the app, customers can

manage your checking account, make transfers, pay bills and check your bank movements.

Another interesting aspect of Hey Banco is its focus on sustainability. As part of its commitment to the environment

environment, the bank has adopted sustainable practices in all its operations and promotes financial education and social responsibility among its clients.

In summary, Hey Banco is an interesting option for those looking for a simple banking experience., safe and transparent. With its focus on sustainability and social responsibility, The Bank is making a difference in the banking industry and in the world at large.


History of Hey Bank

It is a Spanish digital bank founded in 2019 by the Spanish businessman, Mario Garcia. The idea for Hey Banco was born out of Garcia's frustration with the complexity and opacity of traditional banking. I wanted to create a bank that was simple, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

Garcia began his career in banking working in the risk department of a traditional bank. There, he realized that many banking products were confusing and little

transparent to customers. After several years in the banking industry, he decided it was time to do something about it.

This is how the idea of Hey Banco was born.. Garcia partnered with a team of banking and technology experts to develop a digital platform that offered customers a simple, fast, and secure banking experience.

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The bank's mission was clear: to be the simplest and most transparent bank in Spain. To achieve this, Hey Banco focused on offering only the essential banking products: a checking account and

a debit card. This allowed Hey Banco to focus on making these products made as accessible and easy to use as possible.

Since its launch in 2019, Hey Banco has attracted thousands of customers throughout Spain. Clients have praised the bank's simplicity and transparency, as well as its focus on safety and sustainability.

The bank has also won several awards since its launch., including the award for "Best Digital Bank" at the 2020 Online Banking Awards.

hey bank

The story of Hey Banco is the story of a company that sought to simplify banking and make it more accessible to everyone. With its focus on transparency, simplicity and security, Hey

Banco has changed the way people view banking in Spain and has shown that things can be done differently.

Services offered by the bank

See below the services offered by the bank

Current account: The bank offers a checking account with no fees or minimum balance requirements. Customers can make transfers, direct debit payments and receive deposits into their account easily and quickly. In addition, customers can manage their account from the Hey Banco mobile application.

Debit: Hey Banco offers a free debit card for its customers. The card can be used to make purchases online and in physical establishments, as well as to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Transfers: Hey Banco customers can make national and international transfers easily from the mobile application. National transfers are free, while international ones have a competitive rate.

Bill Payment: The bank allows its customers to directly debit their bills in their checking account and pay them easily from the mobile application.

Alerts and notifications: Hey Banco sends alerts and notifications to its customers to inform them about the status of their account, transactions and movements in their account.

Security: The bank uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect customer data and all transactions are carried out securely and encrypted.

Sustainability: Hey Banco cares about the environment and has adopted sustainable practices in all its operations. In addition, it promotes financial education and social responsibility among its clients.


In short, Hey Banco offers its customers a simple banking experience, safe and sustainable. With your checking account with no fees or minimum balance requirements, your credit card

free debit and its intuitive mobile application, Hey Banco has shown that banking can be done in a different way and more accessible to everyone.