Do not miss the matches of your favorite team! With these our suggestions you will get download applications to watch Spanish football online and for free, so do not stop reading this article if you are a fan of the foot ball.

To follow all the meetings you want without interruption, believe it or not, there are digital platforms that, without making a subscription, allow you to see the national and international matches.

Get results, game statistics, comments of fans and players. Sports broadcasts.


smartphones Android and iOS they have alternatives to be downloaded on electronic devices. You can access content for free in many ways. Today we are going to present some of the applications to watch football.

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Top 3: Applications to watch Spanish football online and for free

#01 Ustream

It is a application with an intuitive and comfortable interface to manipulate, very similar to the YouTube platform. Thanks to other users who share their TV connection through the Internet, it is possible to see the spanish football matches from your cell phone.

The advantage is that it allows interact with thousands of people from all over the world who are also watching the game. Of course, everything is free of charge.


Download directly from Apple Store and Google Play. In addition, it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad as well as Android. will let them see 'streaming' live on different topics: sports, video games, news, technology, among others.

Their featured features are:

  1. Live broadcast to any number of viewers.
  2. Interaction with your own audience through chat.
  3. Access to various Ustream channels and events.
  4. Make live broadcasts from the cell phone screen using widgets.  

#02 DreamTV

Dream TV has a wide range of paid and free sports channels so that they can be viewed from any technological device. Football matches are exclusive to this digital platform with European leagues available during the 24 hours.

Also, it has a section where fans and community of the app meet with criticism from users. The videos of the transmissions are of high quality, compatible with 4k are within the reach of anyone. You can get it from Google Play and Apple Store. 

#03 Live stream

Like Ustream, Livestream relies on other users to ensure connection to a football match, which is available on operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows. That is, you can also enjoy live broadcasts from your computer.

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Of course, all matches are totally free. And not everything is football pure and simple, but it also allows users to enjoy other disciplines and updated news from the entire sports scene in general.

Between his featured features the following are found:

  1. Hundreds of sporting events around the world.
  2. Receive notifications when news, events or any activity is published.
  3. Stream live from your phone or tablet.
  4. Interact with the Livestream community via internal chat.
  5. Share the game broadcast via social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

#04 Mitele Plus

Our last Spanish option where you can see football matches via mobile phone It's Mitele Plus. It is an application that captures the broadcast signal without having to pay a membership for it.

With this digital application the user can enjoy matches of the Spanish league and European competitions.

some of his most important features are:

  1. Add content to your favorites list.
  2. HD quality videos.
  3. Limit browsing to minors with parental control.
  4. Interact with live TV programs by pressing the "ON" button
  5. Exclusive sports content and real-time voting.

Click to download: Mitele Plus

If you're one of those people who doesn't miss any football matches, don't worry because here are some options to carry in your pocket and watch from anywhere.