If you are reading this article it is because you are surely a curious person who would like to know what would it look like 30 or 40 years aged. In addition to generating curiosity, it is also a tool to have fun with your friends and family. You want to know more? Discover the facial editor that allows you to find the apps that make you old.

These applications that use a scanner that works with artificial intelligence and allows to show a physical aspect of the future, that is, how you would see yourself over time.

Being elderly brings about wrinkles, elasticity in the skin, more marked expression lines, among other characteristics, however, you can anticipate and take better care of yourself after seeing the results of the applications.


So, after analyzing the store of Play Store on Google, We have discovered that there are infinities of face aging apps.

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The best apps to simulate aging

What is to come is uncertain, but as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, some apps can show you with total certainty what it will be like what you look like in 50 years about.

Ready to enter the time machine?


#01 FaceApp

One of the most popular applications to get old with the best image quality, and to change your face in any other way using artificial intelligence.

Simply take a photo or choose an image from your device's gallery to start applying different special filters that will turn you into an old man in a matter of seconds. The results are incredible!

It has other functions, such as: gender change, hairstyle, makeup, among other modifications.

The Russian app is still constantly questioned about the dubious privacy of the photos uploaded by users to the platform. All that aside, FaceApp's aging filter does an excellent job.

#02 Make Me Old

His name says it all, right? With this digital application you can grow old by pressing a button to know how you could be in a few years. It will take you until 2050Just like a time machine.

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Like other apps, "Make Me Old" allows you to scan your face through a photograph, and then apply a aging effect that will add wrinkles, blemishes and expression lines where there were none before.

The results are quite real, and without a doubt it is one of the best face aging apps which you can download.

#03 Old Face Maker

With old face maker You can apply aging masks to your face through various options that have special filters.

In this app you must be the one add the elderly face masks to your own face. After adding it, you can play with the percentage of aging that you will adjust according to your tastes and adapt the mask to change the appearance of your face.

Likewise, it has face stickers, and others items like beard, mustache, wig. All in all, it's a good free tool to see how your face will change over time.

A question… Have you ever tried these apps to age your face? If not, start playing with your appearance, you will surely be surprised.

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