we will explain how to connect to a WiFi network. Currently there is a method that allows you to install the internet without a password, since with your cell phone's camera and also with digital applications you can enjoy the service. Therefore, do not take off the screen because we have tips to get a free WiFi connection.

Digital applications: Free public access WiFi connection

There are infinities of points with free public access around the world that can be located through digital applications available to the public in its trial and paid version. Most of these platforms work for both Android and iOS.


Here you have our 3 mbest free access database apps.

01. WifiMapper

this app contains an extensive list of public access points and information about them. It has one of the largest databases in the world of free Wi-Fi, based on more than 500 million points to access anywhere without the need for a password.

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Offers a virtual map with points near your house, as well as information about the place that provides internet.


Also, it has a tool that save your cell phone data and locate the networks of bars, restaurants, gyms, and more for all users in your community with iPhone. imcomplements the functionality of sharing passwords and maps of offline hotspots.

02. wimman

You have a superhero name, right? Wiman is almost that, it is able to get different WiFi networks in cities around the world, but also allows us to share our networks with other users in the community with full public access.

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In addition, you can quickly see on your virtual map all the networks that are open and available. In the same way, detailed information appears on the free WiFi points, classifying them according to their quality.

Even you can earn special rewards for using the app and compete with your friends to see who can find the most free internet hotspots. Do not wait any longer, it is the best alternative.

03. Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Apart from finding fast and reliable WiFi networks for free, it is also the cybersecurity company. Just open the map to see the nearby public access points to connect from home, for example.

The main features:

Free WiFi connection with QR Code reading

It's about a method with which you will not need to know the password of your mobile, since everything is shared through a QR code that you analyze with the camera. This code is usually always on the back of your router. Never forget!

This option is perfect simply you need to scan the QR code to obtain the password automatically on the mobile without having to ask someone else to spell it.

In response to your question: "Is there a free WiFi connection near me?" Yes, of course, you just have to touch your screen.