The Stock Market starts the week after a strong rise on Friday, but there are signs of fatigue. He ibex rose close to 0.7% and lost steam over the course of the session.

In this way, the onslaught of the 9,000 points, level sometimes exceeded in previous sessions. Finally, the Spanish options close higher 0,29% until the 8,944.1 points.

In the rest of Europe, the increases have also been a trend, not being much more pronounced than in Ibox.


Thus, the Stoxx 50 was the best index with a +0,8%. At the other side of Atlantic, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq rose about a 1.3% and a 1.8% on the European side.

Within the Ibex, Fluidra (+2.3%), Colonial (+2,25%), Merlin and Enagás (+1,68% in both cases) They were the most optimistic.

On the other hand, ACS was the bad guy of the day after Bank of America lowered its rating from neutral to negative.


For his part, Cellnex loses 0.6% after reducing declines. Today, RBC lowered its group-level guidance and price target to €40 a 9% more than at the close of Friday.

Bora Lee, an analyst at RBC, says the rally in Cellnex shares last Friday was due to "unwarranted enthusiasm for M&A."

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The rating was reduced from €43 to €40 based on modeling assumptions in "A Little More Conservative" from brokers.

The Ibex continued with its offensive midfield with 9,000 points

Investors await the clues that the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, will be able to offer this afternoon on the future of the entity's monetary policy.

In addition, performance and macroeconomic data such as the PMI, US GDP and IFO from Germany will continue to be published for the rest of the week.

“Over the next couple of weeks, we think investors will be able to clear up many of these questions, as they will have access to various macro and trade benchmarks, as well as first-hand insight into what central banks intend to do next. starting next week... The monetary policy committees of the Federal Reserve (Fed), the ECB and the Bank of England (BoE) are meeting, ”he says in the Securities link.

The celebration of the Chinese lunar year causes many Asian stock markets to be closed for the holiday and there will be no calls from the Asian giant for a week.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Eurozone industry and services PMI, in an environment that has been in the contraction zone for several months.

However, the consensus among analysts was of a 0.4 point increase to 50.2 in services and an increase of 0.7 points in the PMI manufacturing at 48.5.

Wednesday will be published United States GDP evolution for the fourth quarter of 2022. In this sense, it is estimated that the growth of the US economy will moderate at 2.91TP3Q annualized, after having remained at 31TP3Q two in the third quarter, we are going to explain the Singular bank.

Quarterly earnings season travels to Wall Street this week, with around 90 members of the S&P 500 posting their numbers, including big players in their sectors like Tesla, Microsoft, Visa, master card, johnson&johnson either Boeing.

The season is also beginning to pick up in the large European markets, companies such as LVMH, ASML Holding, SAP, Diageo and Nokia They are issuing their invoices. On the Spanish stock market, Sabadell will rise to the results podium this Thursday.

"For investors, the numbers themselves are just as important as what the executives of all these publicly traded companies are saying about the future of their businesses and how they view the performance of the various economies to which they are exposed." , explains Juan José Fernández Figares, director of analysis at Link Securities.

The benchmark Brent crude in Europe rose 0.64% and the price of the barrel was located at $88.19. The euro continued to strengthen against the dollar, trading at 1TP4Q1,089.