Movie apps are one of the most used technological services today, because they offer entertainment regardless of time or place.

In this category, Netflix is the best known platform, it accumulates more than 215 million subscribers and has a presence in 190 countries.

However, there are other platforms with similar features, some with lower costs and others that are free, so it is worth knowing which ones they are.

Top 3: Apps for free movies and series

Most streaming platforms work with subscriptions that can cost from $5 to $30, and even more, depending on the services offered.


On the other hand, there is a variety of free platforms that you can use for your entertainment.

Generally, these services are financed with advertisements and commercials. Although, it does not compare with the amount of advertising that television channels have.

Next, we present a summary of them and their links to download them.

3. Popcornflix

We can say that this service is a free access web page with a large repertoire of classic films and also some premiere titles.

Popcornflix is also available as a app of movies that you can download to your Android 6.0 or later version cell phone.

Among its features, we highlight a section of movies in Spanish that you will hardly find on other platforms.


Also, you can search for the movie you want to watch by genre or actor name if you don't know the title.

And most importantly, you don't need to subscribe.

2. Plex – TV and Movie Streaming

if you are looking for one application to watch movies without paying and that also allows you to watch TV, Plex may be the one.

With this app you can watch movies online or offline, anytime, anywhere.

It also offers live TV with access to more than 115 television channels.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy channels, programs and movies for the whole family, TV specialized in news, sports, entertainment and much more.

If you don't want to wait any longer to use this app, click here and download it to your cell phone.

1. PlutoTV

Pluto TV has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play store, making it one of the most used free streaming platforms.

As for how it works, the opinions of users are positive and highlight the variety of movies, series and programs that can be seen from Pluto TV.

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To use this platform, you can go to the browser from here. Or, if you prefer, you can download the app available for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

We are sure that you will really enjoy watching Pluto TV as it has a library of hit shows that will remind you of your childhood and youth.

TV channels and companies that are movie apps

To complete our ranking of 6 movie apps, we want to talk to you about those companies or television channels that did not want to be left out of the streaming service.

Follow our list:


If you want to see all the Disney movies, series and all the production of its affiliated studios, this app is what you are looking for.

In it you can watch original series and a lot of content for the whole family. Its user interface is very simple, the titles are well classified and the subscription price is cheaper than Netflix.

If you don't have it yet, click here link and start enjoying the “wonderful world of Disney”.

hbo max

For those who were already regular consumers of HBO series, the HBO Max app offers premium access to all its original content, as well as the most famous movies.

Consequently, you will be able to watch your favorite channel from your cell phone, computer or tablet and choose the movie or series you want to watch. You can download it from here and create up to 5 profiles to share with the family.


Paramount Pictures launched its streaming platform in 2014 to offer content released by CBS, blockbuster movies and thousands of hours of programs for the whole family.

you can use your account Paramount+ on three devices at the same time. In this way, you can download the app on your smart TV, Apple TV, cell phone or video game consoles.

A negative aspect that we collected in the opinions of the users is that the content has not been classified by genres. But, in general, it is a platform with a lot of content to enjoy wherever you are.