For many people, the care of your hair is as important as the wardrobe you choose. The hairstyle is something very personal and of a very defined style. That's why when you go to the hairdresser, you don't want any setbacks and something going wrong. To be cautious, we have several apps to try haircuts from your Android or iPhone.

These simulators have numerous looks to try on from your mobile and see which hairstyle suits you best.

Believe it or not, there are free apps in digital stores that create modern, vintage, classic and crazy styles, in the same way as apps for makeup, hair color, among others augmented reality apps.


The truth is that we have already given you a clue about how these platforms work. Simulate the hairstyles on your head through a photo editor with AI (artificial intelligence) technology in order to fit the look perfectly on the face according to your profile. 

You will only need the front camera of your mobile so that the app can work.

From the screen it will be shown each realtime styling, only depending on the volume of each one, it will take more or less to load. In any case, you will avoid an uncomfortable situation or that your trusted hairdresser don't go wrong with your hairstyle.


In this way, you will know in advance what hair color you want, the shape of the bangs, straight or curly. So if you're curious and want to know more, stay tuned and keep reading our rrecommendations.

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Ranking of the best apps to simulate various haircuts for Android and iOS

1. Perfect Hairstyle for Women on App Store for iOS

Are you looking for a “new look”? Not sure what looks good on you? What you should do is open your photos from the cell phone gallery and start add lots of wigs to simulate various hairstyles until you find the one that suits you best.

You will know which one is better for you through the beauty score. In addition, you can share your most incredible results with friends and family through social networks.

what andwill you find in the software?

Also, it has a purchase option of 7 different packs (fashion, most popular, famous and latest styles) with more than 420 different hairstyles.

2. Hair Change – change hair for change of look from Play Store

The application of hair change allows you to see how you would look with different types of hairstyles, haircuts and color in your photo through a digital simulator that offers various styles for both male and female audiences divided into several categories, such as: short, long, medium, between others.

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With AI technology, the app may perform a facial recognition of any face, adapting the different looks according to the characteristics of the person. In short, it fits perfectly on your face.

Changing the hair color is also part of one of its most outstanding functions to choose any color that is in the wide color palette of the catalog «Change of Hair». You can be brunette, redhead or invent more extravagant shades to color your beauty.

3. Hairstyles Hairstyles (Exclusive for women)

If you are looking to innovate and you do not dare in case it will look bad on you. Woman Hairstyles is the woman hair changer Free tool that is used to create new women's hairstyles. There are more than 60 looks in total to create styles from the most classic to the most extravagant.

You can create a perfect look with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup from the editor of the digital app.

Change your hairstyle or try new hair in the photo with the hairstyle camera. With 80+ trendy hairstyles stickers, short hair and long hair stickers and more stickers for your perfect hair on photo.

Also you can add jewelry or accessories in the photo: stickers of necklaces, earrings, hats, sunglasses and many more. Try the Woman Hairstyle collection absolutely free.

And you, with which app do you stay to try a new haircut? Leave us your best opinion about it in the comments.