¿Do you want a simple or daring hairstyle? From now on you can try various styles that match your face and personality. For this reason, today I want to show you the 3 best apps to simulate haircuts Immediately.

All you have to do is take a real time photography to start enjoying the extensive inventory offered by the different platforms with free virtual hairstyles

make yourself comfortable, come in Google Play or Apple Store to get image changes with a couple of clicks on the screen. through the apps that are in the top ranking of our list. I hope you like them!

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The 3 best hairstyles and haircuts applications that you have to try

1. Hair Makeover: Free hairstyles and haircuts

This digital app is at the top of our list, popular for try and simulate free haircuts for women. Simple to use, you just need to take a photo of your face in real time.

Also, you can add and imitate different hairstyles, looks, and colors. Yes, it is super complete, since it offers a range of shades to apply dyes to your hair with just a couple of clicks on the cell phone screen.

There are modern hairstyles, elegant with bangs, daring, crazy, with which you can play for a long time.


2. Hair Color FX: Color App

With this hairstyle designer available for Android and iOS you can try out different hair colors, hairstyles and haircuts in less than a minute. You can also choose short looks, medium long hair, blondes, brown, redheads and endless alternatives that the app shows.

you can cshare hairstyles on facebook, save photos, show your friends and family, including your hairdresser to make a final decision and update your hair with the most famous hairstyles of the moment.

It will surely become one of your best hairstyle apps.

3. Hair Color: Hairstyles and hair color

An app that offers various hairstyles and colors to dye your hair in a simple way. You can simulate a lot of shades, such as: brown, blonde, black, red, among others, because all the color range that Hair Color has It belongs to your brand.

Natural dyes like more artificial colors, you will be able to add highlights and highlights comparing before and after. More comfortable impossible!

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Available both in the Apple Store and Google Play, that is, you can use it whether you have an iPhone or Ipad (IOS) or with your Android (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG or Sony among others).

Save yourself going to the hairdresser to do experiments with your hair and so when you go you will already have a clear idea of what color you want, as well as the hairstyles.

4. Women´s Hairstyles: Hairstyles for wonderful women

This program consists of trying out hairstyles from its huge catalog of looks with multiple haircuts, specific to you face and physical features. All you have to do is take a photo or choose an image from your mobile gallery to start playing with your look.

It has between 225 different hair styles so that the users of your community feel favored with the options of the platform. Similarly, you can change from hair color, length, and simulate thousands of changes in you.

In addition, it allows you add beauty accessories, such as headbands, crowns, earrings or sunglasses so you can create a modern look and try different accessories and complements.

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